Sleep Better & Snore Less With Sleep Apnea Treatment in Stillwater

We all need adequate sleep each night for our bodies to work properly. Restful sleep is an important part of feeling good, being productive, and protecting your long-term health. Sleep apnea disrupts your sleep and leaves you feeling tired and groggy. However, Dr. Windmiller and Dr. Hawn use comfortable oral appliances to help eliminate the harmful effects of this condition, including snoring. Here’s what you can expect from sleep apnea treatment at Ned W. Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry. It will:

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  • Enable you and your bed partner to sleep better and feel more refreshed upon waking.
  • Increase your alertness and improve your concentration.
  • Reduce or stop snoring completely.
  • Potentially eliminate the need for a CPAP device.
  • Help prevent serious health problems.

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Get Relief From a Custom Mouthguard

When you suffer from sleep apnea symptoms, you usually snore also. Snoring is simply air passing over the soft tissues in the back of your throat as you sleep. The softer and more relaxed these tissues are, the more they vibrate and make noise.

A made-for-you mouthguard from Ned W. Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry will help stop your snoring. It fits comfortably in your mouth and pushes your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. This action not only cuts down on snoring, it also helps keep your airway open.

Your tongue and those soft tissues in your throat will normally relax some while you sleep. However, if they relax too much – blocking your airway – you may begin to experience episodes of sleep apnea. By moving these soft tissues forward slightly, our mouthguard helps stop the harmful effects of sleep apnea – as well as snoring.

When your airway becomes blocked, you stop breathing for a few seconds. You then wake up momentarily to take in a few breaths and drift back to sleep – usually without even knowing it. For severe sleep apnea sufferers, this cycle can repeat 50 times or more per hour!

You will need to have your physician order a sleep study to determine if you need sleep apnea treatment. If treatment is prescribed, we can then make your custom-fit mouthguard. It will help keep your airway open during sleep so you breathe normally and quit snoring. The result is a better night’s rest for both you and your bed partner.

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