Restorative Dental Care in Stillwater, MN Enables You to Chew With Ease

Because it’s such a natural behavior, chewing food is something most of us don’t give a lot of thought to. That’s not true, though, if damaged or missing teeth make it impossible for you to eat without pain. If discomfort is causing you to think about every bite, you need restorative dental care from our Stillwater, MN dentists.

Our restorative dental services will:

  • Repair your damaged teeth
  • Replace your missing teeth
  • Relieve your dental pain
  • Return your mouth to its full functionality

No matter what kind of dental damage you’ve suffered, we can fix it! Call Ned W. Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry at (651) 413-9860.

Repair Your Dental Damage With Restorative Dentistry

Whether it’s a cavity, a broken tooth, or an infected tooth that’s keeping you from enjoying your meals, you can get relief with these restorative dental treatments:

  • Tooth Fillings– Our dentists repair cavities with tooth-colored fillings so your smile looks and feels natural.
  • Inlays and Onlays– For cavities too large for fillings yet not large enough for crowns, an inlay or onlay is likely the best way to repair your damage.
  • Root Canals– If your tooth is infected, a root canal can get you out of pain and save your tooth.
  • Dental Crowns– A crown fixes many dental problems, including cracked teeth, broken teeth, and severe decay.

Replace Your Missing Teeth to Regain Oral Function

It’s really tough to enjoy food if you have missing teeth. Fortunately, you have lots of choices to replace them and get back your oral function. Many of them involve dental implants, which give you a look, feel, and functionality like your natural teeth. With implants, you’ll be eating crunchy apples again in no time!

You can use dental implants to support most dental restorations, including:

  • A dental crown, to replace a single missing tooth
  • A dental bridge, to replace a few missing teeth
  • Dentures, to replace anywhere from several teeth to an entire mouthful

If you’re not interested in implants, you can also get a traditional dental bridge or dentures.

For more information on restorative dental care, call our Stillwater, MN dentist office at (651) 413-9860. We’re open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. We also see patients on Fridays by appointment in either Stillwater or our Wayzata, MN location.

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