Enjoy a Balanced Smile With Gum Reshaping in Stillwater

The amount of gum tissue visible in your mouth plays a huge role in the beauty of your smile. If you have too much gum showing, Ned W. Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry in Stillwater can give you a more aesthetically pleasing smile you’ll want to show off. Gum reshaping from Dr. Windmiller will:

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  • Gently balance your smile to boost your confidence.
  • Help people notice your pearly white teeth instead of your gums.
  • Make you less self-conscious in social and romantic settings.
  • Let you get rid of a closed-lip smile forever.

Get the dream smile you’ve been wanting! Call us today at (651) 413-9860. Our Stillwater, MN dentist office is located at 1701 Curve Crest Blvd. – just a few blocks from Lily Lake Park, and our Wayzata office is at 250 N. Central Ave., Suite 202 – at the edge of Big Woods Preserve.

Get Your Gums in Shape Safely & Gently

Studies have shown most people agree that only about one to two millimeters of your upper gum should show for your smile to look its best. When you have excessive gum tissue, you have what is known as a “gummy smile.”

Even if your teeth are even, straight, and white, if the balance between your teeth and your gums isn’t right, people will take notice. That’s the reason we offer gentle, effective gum reshaping to our patients. We know it’s important for your smile to look attractive.

Your treatment will begin with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to check the overall health of your mouth. We may take digital X-rays for a closer look at your tooth roots and jawbone.

Once Dr. Windmiller has carefully planned a course of treatment, he will use a safe laser to gently remove excess gum tissue – without the need for an incision or stitches. Most of our patients find the process very comfortable. If needed, we always offer relaxing sedation to set you at ease.

Once you’re done, people will see more of your beautiful teeth and less of your gums. Sometimes our patients take advantage of teeth whitening afterward to enhance their smile even further.

Call our team today at (651) 413-9860 for gum reshaping. You can also use our handy online form. Let your gorgeous smile shine!

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