Replace Missing Teeth With Today’s Modern Dental Implants

More than 30 million people in the United States are missing all of their permanent teeth. An astonishing 120 million people have lost at least one tooth. Those missing teeth impact people’s self-esteem, ability to chew comfortably, and even the bone where a tooth has gone missing. If you’ve thought about replacing one or more missing teeth, consider dental implants from Dr. Ned Windmiller at Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry in Stillwater, MN.

About Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small screw, usually made from titanium that is inserted into the bone where a tooth has been lost. An abutment connects to the implant, and the restoration – a single solid crown to replace one tooth, or a bridge to replace several teeth, or even a full “arch” of dentures – attaches to the abutment. A restored dental implant is as close as you can get to your natural teeth. In fact, it’s common for people to forget which tooth is the implant!

The implant itself functions as a replacement tooth root, transferring the pressure caused by chewing into the bone. That stimulates the bone and keeps it strong and healthy. Without that stimulation, the bone begins to slowly deteriorate, and that brings up a vital point.

Most people are candidates for dental implants, but the most important consideration is the remaining strength and thickness of the bone that will support the implant. However, even people without enough or strong enough bone can receive implants if they have another procedure such as bone grafting or a sinus lift.

Dental implants typically don’t require any neighboring teeth to be modified as is the case with a traditional dental bridge. An implant bridge and implant dentures are supported and kept in place by the implants.

The implant itself is extremely durable. With care, it should last a lifetime. Dental restorations of any kind are subject to wear and tear, so they’ll almost have to be replaced at some point. However, replacing a single implant crown or an implant bridge is far faster.

Why You Should Choose Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry For Implants

There are two stages to dental implants – the placing of the implant, and the restoration. This might come as a surprise, but not all dentists who do implants do restorations, and vice-versa. That can leave you running between two different dental practices, dealing with two separate billing offices, and depending on the two dentists to coordinate your care.

When you choose Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry, you avoid all that. Our dentists perform both implant and the restoration. You deal with one dental staff and one billing office. And you’re assured of the highest-quality result.

You’ll be delighted by our clean, bright, and thoroughly modern dental office and by our warm and friendly staff.

You Can Do This

You don’t have to live with missing teeth any longer. If you’re ready to chew comfortably and laugh without embarrassment again, schedule an appointment with Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry in Stillwater, MN. Call our office today at 651-413-9860.

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