3 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During The Holidays [BLOG]

Our team at Ned W. Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry wants to wish you and your family a happy holiday season!

We hope to see you soon for a dental cleaning and exam so we can make sure you made through all the festivities with a clean, healthy smile!

3 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During The Holidays!

Over the next two weeks, you’ll probably be hopping from one holiday gathering to another, giving little thought to your oral health.

But given the threats to your smile this time of year, your Stillwater, MN dentist has some tips for you to keep in mind if you want to start 2019 with healthy teeth!

#1:  Don’t Use Your Teeth As Tools!

Wrapping presents, tearing through paper, cutting ribbons, and cracking nuts are common holiday tasks you may be tempted to complete quickly and conveniently with your teeth.

You don’t want to fall into that trap!

Your teeth are made for tearing and chewing food, not to be used as multi-purpose tools. Be sure you keep scissors and other household tools handy so you don’t cause undue harm to your teeth!

#2:  Don’t Let Stress Hurt Your Smile!

No matter how much you enjoy the holidays, chances are you might succumb to the stress of the season, like many of us do.

That’s because as wonderful as the holidays are, it’s a stressful time. You may be anxious about finances, a more hectic schedule, or gathering with the in-laws.

It’s understandable to get swept up in the chaos, just don’t let the stress hurt your smile!

Clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth when you feel tense can cause premature wear, muscle tension, TMJ problems, and even dental damage.

As challenging as it sounds, try to manage your stress in a healthy way, allowing yourself time and opportunities, even if for a few minutes here and there, to escape the mental strain this season can bring with it.

#3:  Enjoy Sweet Treats In Moderation!

During the holidays, we give ourselves permission to indulge our sweet tooth. Cookies, candies, cakes, and pies are abundant this time of year, and it’s not as if you eat these sort of treats that often, right?

So it’s okay to enjoy the delights of the season, but it’s best for your teeth to do so in moderation.

Sugar is always something to watch out for, no matter what day of the year it is. The bad bacteria inside your mouth feeds off of it, creating harmful acids that eat through your tooth enamel.

This is how cavities are formed, so in order to prevent that, you should limit your sugar intake, rinse your mouth with water between your daily brushing and flossing, and stick to your oral hygiene routine to keep your mouth clean.

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Making sure your teeth and gums are clean, healthy, and strong is a great way to welcome the new year and set your smile up for success!

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